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Vier Corporation Limited, Bermuda Hamilton is a $15,7 billion alternative investment group that manages a diverse set of investment vehicles focused in Integrated Maritime Transportation & Logistics, Oil & Gas, Global Oil & Commodities Trading, Shipyard & Heavy Engineering and Ship Financing on emerging markets across the world.

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Founder & CEO

Vier Abdul Jamal bin Abdullah, has a wide, in depth and successful career in Capital Markets and Integrated Maritime Services in the Asean Region. He graduated from Indonesia Merchant Marine Institute, Jakarta, Finance Business School of Los Angeles, USA and the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Manila, Philippines.

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Business Model
Leadership Direction
corporate structure
portfolio performance

Our business model has two dimensions aligned to how we create value and equally importantly, how we run our business.

We create value in two simple ways. We own and operate the company. We invest in global emerging market through our selected strategic investment, strategic acquisitions and New Ventures. By investing in the infrastructure and logistics sectors in emerging countries, Viercorp seeks to take advantage of growing economies and lucrative sectors within them. For example, capital is spent to build ports, ships, creates jobs, and improves logistics while having a positive ripple effect within each country and region.

Our approach to running our business reflects the most material issues for our continued success and delivery of our business plans. These include strong and effective risk management, governance, transparency and anti-corruption, developing a multi-disciplined and diverse entrepreneurial team and making a positive and lasting contribution when we operate.

Business Model

Leadership Direction requires you to provide direction to members of your team. You will also motivate and support them to achieve their personal objectives and those of the team. You will be required to win the trust and support of your team and steer it through periods of change or conflict.

You will be expected to:
    •    Create a sense of common purpose
    •    Take personal responsibility for making things happen
    •    Encourage and support others to take decisions autonomously
    •    Act within the limits of your authority
    •    Make time available to support others
    •    Show integrity, fairness and consistency in decision-making
    •    Seek to understand people’s needs and motivations
    •    Model behaviour that shows respect, helpfulness and co-operation

LEadership Direction

Vier Corporation Hedge Fund partnership (General Partners/GP) model is the limited's family own fund structure for the pool of investment funds that make up a hedge fund. In this structure, the Vier Corporation partners assumes responsibility for the operations of the fund, while limited partners (Limited Partners/GP) can make investments into the partnership and are liable only for their paid-in amounts. As a rule, a Vier Corporation partnership must have at least one GP and one LP, but can have multiple GPs and many LPs. There is an security exchange commission rule. The second component of the two-tiered structure is the structure of the general partnership. The typical structure used for the general partner is a limited liability company.

An LLC is very similar to a sub charter corporation in that it is a flow-through tax entity and investors are limited in liability to the amount of their investment. The general partner's responsibility is to market and manage the fund and perform any functions necessary in the normal course of business, including hiring a fund manager (oftentimes a related company) and managing the administration of the fund's

Corporate Structure

We know you expect your investments to perform and Vier Corporation portfolios are doing just that.

VIERCORP works with you to put your plans into action – your portfolios are strategically structured by VIERCORP and our in-house investment team, matched to your goals and risk tolerances. This has resulted in a strong performance track record – VIERCORP has consistently delivered target-beating investment returns across all risk profiles.

Truly, VIERCORP is the way to manage the components of your financial future – not just to meet your financial goals but also to fulfil your aspirations.:

    •    Actively Managed our own Family Fund
    •    Built around our unique investment strategy, formulated in partnership with Morningstar/ Vierson & Daughter/ McLean Virginia
    •    Flexible, regularly re-balanced, liquid and transparent
    •    Tailored around clients’ risk parameters and make their cash work for them someplace else
    •    We provide liquidity to investors who have invested in private investments and need for some to sell those investments

One of the fundamentals of good investing is good investment driver and diversification, we have done that work for you—every client can invest in a diversified portfolio of up to 15 global asset classes.

We picked these 15 based on careful consideration. Depending on your goal and your risk profile, your portfolio may include exposure to any of the following asset classes and regions :

Portfolio Performance