Portfolio performance

We know you expect your investments to perform and Vier Corporation portfolios are doing just that. VIERCORP works with you to put your plans into action – your portfolios are strategically structured by VIERCORP and our in-house investment team, matched to your goals and risk tolerances. This has resulted in a strong performance track record – VIERCORP has consistently delivered target-beating investment returns across all risk profiles.

Truly, VIERCORP is the way to manage the components of your financial future – not just to meet your financial goals but also to fulfil your aspirations.

  • Actively Managed our own Family Fund
  • Built around our unique investment strategy, formulated in partnership with Morningstar//Vierson & Daughter/McLean Virginia
  • Flexible, regularly re-balanced, liquid and transparent
  • Tailored around clients’ risk parameters and make their cash work for them someplace else
  • We provide liquidity to investors who have invested in private investments and need for some to sell those investments